personal growth & healing programs for individuals & couples

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Are you an individual...

  • With recent or past trauma or loss seeking a deep emotional healing experience?
  • Who struggles with relationships and wants to find answers?
  • Seeking to heal your inner child?
  • Seeking to find your path to your life's meaning?
  • Seeking to heal your broken heart?
  • Seeking a new beginning?
  • Seeking to find your spiritual potential?
  • Seeking a profound personal growth experience as part of your professional training process?
  • Seeking to enhance and deepen your recovery program?

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Are you a couple...

  • With long-term struggles and conflicts you want to resolve?
  • At the beginning of your relationship and want to assure that the relationship grows and develops stability?
  • Who feel solid about your relationship and want to enrich and enhance it?
  • Near the end of hope for your relationship and want to see if hope can be restored?


If you are seeking to grow yourself or your coupleship, or if you are interested in possibly referring someone, please feel free to contact us.

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